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Introducing the Orangery by Ultraframe promotion, which offers a range of energy-efficient and fast-to-fit orangery styles with a massive 20% discount! This promotion features a high-performance, slimline Ultraframe glass roof, along with an internal pelmet that gives the appearance of a traditional orangery build. On the exterior, homeowners can choose between aluminium, brick mesh, or ready-to-render columns and pair them with any style of doors and full-length windows, as well as choose from a range of decorative cornices. This new offering makes modern orangery technology more affordable and accessible to homeowners who are looking to enhance their homes.


Featuring a roof shape that extends back to the host wall from its highest point providing plenty of roof height for a dramatic and spacious feel.


Featuring a ridge at the highest and central point of the roof together with the internal pelmet creates a more traditional lantern orangery roof shape.


The Ultraframe roof offers homeowners a beautiful orangery solution that features the latest in roofing technology.

  1. High-performance ridge thermal break
  2. Patented thermally insulated aluminium rafter
  3. Super strong ridges for fewer bars and more light
  4. Thermally isolating top cap clips;
  5. Secure-fit' end caps
  6. Patented insulated pelmet (max 1200mm wide)
  7. Housing for additional insulation, speakers or downlights
  8. Two tier cornice
  9. 'Heat guard' modesty shield
  10. Adjustable reinforced stopper to prevent glass slipping


The Ultraframe orangery roof Stormshield Protection System includes:

  1. Waterproof glazing compression trims
  2. Ridge end weathering shields
  3. 'Secure fit' radius end covers


For a stylish finish to your orangeries, choose between flat or curved decorative cornices. The cornice not only conceals gutters for a neater exterior appearance but also adds an attractive feature and is available in any RAL colour.

The curved cornice is perfect for an elegant traditional look, while the flat cornice is designed for more modern orangery designs. The flat cornice comes in one, two, or three tiers at varying heights to match the proportions of different property styles. Finish your orangeries in style with a choice of flat or curved decorative cornices. A cornice discreetly conceals gutters for a neater exterior finish as well as adding a beautiful feature and is available in any RAL colour.

The curved cornice is ideal for an elegant traditional appeal, whereas the flat cornice is designed for more contemporary orangery designs. The flat cornice is available in one, two, or three tiers at varying heights to suit the proportions of different property styles.


The thermally insulated internal pelmet system has a plastered finish and extra insulation around the eaves where heat loss is most prevalent, so your orangeries will be warm and welcoming all year round.

The pelmet depth can be modified to suit your design requirements, you can choose from a narrow or wide pelmet ranging from 300mm to 1200mm. Once installed, the pelmet gives the impression of a traditional flat roof deck with a large roof lantern and is the perfect place for spotlights, speakers and cable runs.

Explore The Range

Ultraframe has designed a variety of single and double-hipped orangery styles to serve as inspiration for your upcoming projects. They’ve created a range of single-hipped and double-hipped orangery designs to provide you with design inspiration for your upcoming orangery projects.

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The correct glazing specification for orangery roofs is crucial for energy efficiency and temperature control, depending on the orientation of the homeowners property.


If your orangery is facing north or east, it is likely to be cooler and shadier, receiving less direct sunlight. In such cases, it is recommended to use glass that has high light transmission and low solar rejection. This will allow more heat and light to enter the orangery, making it warmer and brighter.


If you are considering a south or west facing orangery, then you should be aware that it may receive a lot of sunlight throughout the day. While this can provide plenty of natural light, it can also cause the orangery to become too bright and uncomfortably warm. To avoid this, it is important to choose glazing that has a low level of light transmission and higher levels of solar rejection. We offer glazing with a U-value of just 1.0, which is three times more energy efficient than standard glass units.

At our company, all of our glass is self-cleaning, toughened, and double-glazed safety glass as standard.


When designing your orangery, it's important to consider the style and color of the doors and windows, as they will greatly affect the overall appearance of the new space. Ultraframe orangeries offer compatibility with a variety of window and door styles, which means there are numerous design options available to choose from.


If you're looking to create a more traditional orangery design, you can choose super-insulated pillars with a brick or render finish. These columns are highly insulated and come with A1 fire-rated render boards, making it easy to apply brick mesh or render. You can choose from small (325mm wide) or large (665mm wide) columns, which are equivalent to 1.5 or 3 standard bricks.

If you're using designs with large spans of doors and a small pillar, special reinforced columns will be provided to ensure stability. We recommend using two pillars at the front corners and two matching abutments at the host wall for double-hipped orangeries. For single-hipped designs, two corner pillars at the front will complete the orangery look.

The super-insulated pillars and walls are pre-approved by Assent and JHAI, which ensures easy and fast building regulation approval.


If you would like to include a wall in your orangery design (for example along the boundary), use our super insulated wall which can be finished in brick or render to match your pillars.

The wall exceeds Building Regulations with a U-Value of 0.17. This is far more thermally efficient than a brick wall and will help to keep heating bills low.

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Aluminium columns, with a thermally insulated core, enhance orangery designs. They are five times more thermally efficient than brick pillars.

  1. Eaves beam supporting platform
  2. Styropor carbon enriched expanded polystyrene insulated core
  3. Anchoring battens
  4. OSB board, mechanically fixed to battens
  5. Breathable membrane
  6. Flat powder coated aluminium claddings
  7. Fluted powder coated aluminium claddings
  8. Various base details available
  9. Structural set out post


For a sturdy orangery design, structural support is crucial at the corners. Large insulated columns or pillars are typically used, while small pillars may require additional reinforcement. The orangery roof is engineered to resist extreme weather conditions and ensure doors operate smoothly. Large door spans may require an additional goalpost. Ultraframe Goalposts are made of lightweight aluminium for easy installation without heavy lifting equipment.

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