New Ultraroof Metrotile

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Ultraroof is now available to order with Metrotile, providing all of the benefits of Ultraroof but now with a Metrotile shingle finish.

Lightweight metal roof tiles as opposed to traditional roof tiles: Perfect for conservatory roof replacements

Easy to install: Metrotiles’s roofing involves easy to fit interlocking steel tiles, making the installation process simple.

Ventilation & Drainage: Ultraroof Metrotiles’ unique drainage systems aid in water drainage without the need for battening. Additionally, a new and improved ventilation trim improves ventilation across the roof.

Options for capping and colour choice: Metrotile is available in four different colours with the option of slimline aluminium or Metrotile cappings.

Fire Resistant: Ultimate fire resistance is provided by the lightweight Metrotile, due to it’s non-combustible material and innovative design.

Guaranteed to withstand even the harshest weather conditions: The Ultraroof Metrotile is tested and comes with a 40-year waterproof guarantee.

Slim & Elegant Aluminium Cappings

To accommodate variations in roof pitches and designs, a specific line of external aluminum cappings is offered. Due to their design, these cappings do not require the use of wet sealants or third-party components to shield the roof from disruptive weather intrusion.

In order to contrast or complement the Metrotile shingle tiles of your choice, pick between the colours Grey, Terra Red, or NEW Brown Umber.

Customisable Features

Ultraroof Metrotile is available in a range of four tile colour options, with a choice of slimline aluminium or Metrotile cappings. See below to see our excellent range of colour options!

Fully Insulated Ridge & Roof Slope

  1. Strong Magnelis Steel Rafters
  2. Insulated Roof Slope
  3. Fully Insulated Ridge
  4. Thermal Separation Between Rafters
  5. Fully Insulated Eaves Beam
  6. 380mm Eaves Beam
  7. Strong Eaves Beam
  8. Eaves Ventilated Trim
  9. Slotted Starter Trim
  10. Breathable Membrane
  11. Intelligent Tile Design
  12. Tongue & Grooved OSB 3

Pre-fabricated Radius End

Ultraroof Metrotile comes equipped with a pre-made curved end when requested alongside Metrotile shingle cappings. All necessary angles are prefabricated at the factory for swift installation, while its distinctive drainage design ensures efficient water flow behind the tiles.

Colour & Capping Options

Ultraroof Metrotile is available in a range of four tile colour options with a choice of slimline aluminium or Metrotile cappings.

Slimline Aluminium Cappings

Charcoal | Urban Grey Caps

Ebony | Urban Grey Caps

Burnt Umber | NEW Brown Umber Caps

Antique Red | Terra Brick Red Caps

Metrotile Cappings



Burnt Umber

Antique Red

Metrotile Capping Suite

Veranda & Delta Ridge End Cap

Veranda & Delta 90° Ridge End Cap

Veranda & Delta 130° Ridge End Cap

Veranda Slimline Ridge Hip Cap (130mm)

Delta Ridge Hip Cap (230mm)

Retail Metrotile Brochure

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