Rapid conservatory conversions

hup! is the revolutionary new way to rapidly re-build conservatories. Within a matter of weeks, hup! can transform old conservatories into modern, energy efficient home extensions. Light enough to build on existing bases, hup! is swift, energy efficient, and fully Building Regulation-compliant.

hup! walls are much slimmer than traditional brick walls, so they can deliver up to 15% more internal floor space than the same-size extension built using traditional methods.

Take advantage of a £40billion opportunity

There are over 1.5 million unloved conservatories in the UK that are waiting to be upgraded, providing a £40 billion untapped market. Increase your business by up to 50% by rapidly re-building old and tired conservatories into new home extensions using hup!.

Watch this video to see how hup! is revolutionising the conservatory transformation process.

Add up to 15% additional floorspace

hup! walls are much slimmer and more compact than a traditional brick wall and will allow you to deliver up to 15% more internal floorspace. Use our free additional floorspace calculator to determine how much additional floorspace hup! can deliver on each of your projects and the estimated additional value this will add to the value of your customer’s property.

Best ever conservatory upgrade solution?

Up until now, the only solution for transforming an old conservatory has been to replace the roof and frames, but now you can re-build entire conservatories with a new home extension in a parallel time frame with hup!.

Watch this video with Andy from hup! builder Fairway Construction to see why he believes hup! is the best conservatory upgrade solution!

Re-use existing bases

hup!’s lightweight, energy efficient walls are quick, easy, and cost effective to build onto existing bases.

This allows you to re-use old conservatory bases to create brand new home extensions with walls, windows, and doors wherever your customers want them—something that would not be possible with traditional builds.

Place walls where French doors are located or add a set of bi-folds or sliding doors where dwarf walls used to be to allow homeowners to completely change the use of the room.

Become a hup! Network Partner

Are you a hup! builder looking to grow your business and increase your leads? Look no further! We are proud to announce our partnership with brand ambassador Laura Jane Clark, which includes investing in significant lead generation activities for hup! installers. Our online lead generation and dedicated consumer PR campaign throughout 2024 are designed to generate homeowner leads, and we want you to benefit. We invite you to become a hup! Network Partner, offering you free hup! leads in your area and providing homeowners with the reassurance that you are a trusted and reliable hup! builder. Don’t miss out on this opportunity!

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Endless design options for conservatory owners

Save 5% on any roof when ordered together with hup! walls for a limited time only!

Compatible with faceted corners

hup! is now compatible with variable corners from 90° to 170°, allowing you to convert old Victorian conservatories into modern extensions using the revolutionary hup! building system.

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